Episode 72 – Deck Tech: A Pox on Both Your Houses!

After receiving what we can only describe as an unprecedented amount of emails about doing a pox deck tech, we finally relent and delve into the world of old school, mono black control, seeing what cards it can use, and seeing what place it has in todays fast-paced, er… blue meta :).

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

email: legacybreakfast@gmail.com
twitter: @legacybreakfast

Link to podcast file:

6 thoughts on “Episode 72 – Deck Tech: A Pox on Both Your Houses!

  1. Great cast. Thanks for talking about an underappreciated deck. Also please just keep casting. Every two weeks would be great. The month breaks are a bit painful. Either way keep up the good work.

    • Thanks man! Its always nice to hear such encouraging words :). And its strange, that I went on cockatrice the other day, and was destroyed by 3 pox decks in a row. Someone out there is listening….. XD. Yh, I think we’re going to try and settle on one episode every 2 weeks, but I think that the odd longer break will be inevitable. Sadly… :'(. Anywho, thanks for listening and the feedback!

      Stu T.

  2. very good cast! thanks for reviewing an under-represented and under-appreciated deck..
    wish match-ups were covered too though..but very good work still, nonetheless..more power to you guys..

  3. wow, that was fun to listen to..thank you for talking about this deck since its not receiving enough luvin’..as long as there are fair decks in the format, pox can thrive..i would like to give my opinion on ratchet bomb and powder keg..i think ratchet bomb is almost always better than keg in today’s meta..what keg has over ratchet bomb is that it can hit man lands, but with our sinkholes and wastelands, we are already good at handling them to begin with..i think ratchet bomb can hit more relevant threats like counterbalance, jace, sylvan library, etc..one advantage keg has over bomb is when you’re running a more discard oriented build and you’re also running shrieking afflictions and/or waste nots… keg wont hit those..

    again, great cast..looking forward to more from you guys..


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