Here are mp3s of all of our podcasts:

Episode 157 Bans and More

In an effort to make more than 2 people visit this podcast a month, we begrudgingly bring you the latest episode of LEGACY BREAKFAST. We recap some of the exciting things that have happened in our absence – recent bannings, what decks we are on at the moment, where subway fits in the breakfast tier list, a small Axion tourney report, and me ignoring Stu’s requests to put jingles in. HES NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!! Enjoy :).

Episode 156 …

Coming soon…

Episode 155 – Legacy Mega-Weekend 2022

We return in many ways with a recap of an irl magic tournament!

Episode 154 …

Coming soon…

Episode 153 – Modern Horizons Review Part 1

Wizard bust out the Crack Pipe and the Stu’s respond to root out some legacy playables from all the merfolk spoilers…

Episode 152 – Doomsday Aficionados with Martin Nielsen

We have an actual guest! Martin joins us to talk about your favourite deck and mine?

Episode 151 – The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe / Single Card Spotlight: Natural Order

A blast of random topics at high speed! Including new cards, a Single Card spotlight and the laws of thermodynamics.

Episode 150 – 2020 Catchup

We return with a trawl through the mailbag and cover such topics as:

  1. Doing Science!™
  2. Ballistic Gel?
  3. Misbuilding DDFT piles
  4. Forgetting peoples names
  5. The ongoing Omnathageddon

Episode 149 – M21 Set Review

We take a look at all of the excitement around the new set, who benefits from the latest list of playables, and wonder what happened to all the advisors?!

Episode 148 – Shark Attack! Landstill Deck Tech

In this episode we, ahem … take our time to look at a new offering from Ikoria: Shark Typhoon. We see how it is making waves in Legacy and go over the history of everyone’s favourite legacy draw/go deck.

Episode 147 – Companion Mechanic Change

We have a look at the new companion mechanic change and discuss the possible implications for the format.

Episode 146 – Ban Announcement & Cards That Shook Legacy

We try to predict the upcoming banned and restricted announcement, with some predictable choices and a few not so predictable choices. We also take a look at other format shifts that have happened historically with the printing of different cards and mechanics.

Episode 145 – Quick! Talk about Companions

Its us again! We cast the bag of nope aside and delve headfirst into a companion filled look at the latest set, its impact on legacy and the best place for the durdle turtle

“Episode” 144

We recorded an episode a little while back, but gremlins attacked and left us with only my half of the audio. So I did the only thing that was reasonable, and turned it into a 12 minute disco beat poem. So please enjoy this “episode” of the breakfast!

Episode 143 – BUG Doomsday

In this episode, we take a look a deck that is like Doomsday, but actually works! It is, of course, BUG Doomsday. With card analysis, tournament report and some sample hands, come and explore this lovely deck with us!

Episode 142 – Delvers, Doomsday, Manaleak & LLM

WHATS THIS?! Two episodes in the space of a month! Could the new format be working? Did Stu do well in London? WHY AM I TALKING TO MYSELF?!
All this and more in this fun-filled episode!

Episode 141 – Theros shenanigans and a return to form!

“Gadzooks!” I hear you cry, “They’ve only gone and done another episode”.We return once more from a kitchen table to your ear, with a new improved* live format that will hopefully mean that get around to producing more frequently. MARVEL as we run through several cards! BE ASTOUNDED as Stu P. gets around to actually playing some magic. BE BEWILDERED at the frequency of transitions jingles. Enjoy!

Episode 139 – A Fun filled Fest of….. Fun?
Recreate the magic of going to a magic fest without leaving the comfort of your room! Experience the Stus views on….. Vendors! The State of legacy! Listen as several decks are EXPLAINED! A tournament report with almost no recollection of any of the games! And of course the joy of come into play tapped lands!

Episode 138 More War – Parts 1 & 2
Stu kicks things off with a recap of his recent doomsdayings at Manaleak, then we’re straight back to the bag of nope for cards we skimmed over (ahem, missed) in #MTGWAR. Also Stu reveals his fears that #MTGMH1 will ruin legacy. Is he right? You’ll have to listen to find out what the bag says…

Maybe we should try to do some episodes in between set releases, eh?

Episode 137 – The Megabreakfast!
You asked for it, and we were only too happy to oblige! We go a bit more in depth on experimental frenzy in doomsday, and probably only slightly misbuild some example piles and hands. We find odd places for some of the new planes walkers, rejoice at the printing of a new advisor, and find the nemesis of the bag of nope. Please enjoy this bumper episode (or two :)).

Episode 136 – Bat solidarity, ft. some bats!
Coming to you with what I can only describe as lax editing, we bring you such delights as: A Shrewsbury tourney report, thoughts on magic arena, the difference between a drake and a wyvern, experimental frenzy in Doomsday, solidarity (as always) and Stu T. loses it naming some number of bats.

Episode 135 – We’re back!
We come back with a smorgasbord of delights. Including, but not limited to: A stasis report, Why kicker explains everything, BR reanimator hands with the new London Mulligan, Grixis Phenix.dec, the bag of nope unleashed on the new set, some ASMR, and of course, how to say “Shrewsbury”.

Episode 134 – Stu Interviews Stu pt. 2
And now the conclusion that literally two of you have been asking for…The shoe is on the other boot as Stu becomes the interviewer!

Episode 133 – Stu Interviews Stu pt. 1
In a change to our usual format of being silly, talking about breakfast and sometimes even legacy… we take the opportunity to get to know the hosts in more detail.

Episode 132 – The “New” Meta
We finally get on board with the post-ban meta and talk about what we’re playing. We go over legacy at the pro tour and investigate the new Death’s Shadow deck!

Episode 131 – M19 Set Review
We break out the Bag of Nope (TM) for the latest offerings from Battlebond and M19. Surprisingly, we find some playables and manage the best Marit-Lage impression ever!

Episode 130 – Deck Tech: Stompy Shells
We court some controversial legacy opinions, talk about all the things you can do with a stompy shell, and finish with a surprise mystery segment!

Episode 129 – Legacy GP’s Galore!

As Wizards clearly listened to the last episode, they decided to support the legacy format with a surprise flurry of high level organised play! We recap our experiences of GP Birmingham in our back yard, look at some surprises from GP Toronto, and compare 4C control lists. Enjoy!

Episode 128 – All The Legacy Things

Stu and I discuss our “successes” at our latest legacy outing, discuss the top 16 of GP Seattle and chat about the current state of the format.

Episode 127 – Solidarity

In the run up to Gp Birmingham, me and Stu take a look at…. Solidarity of course! Why you should / shouldn’t take it to a tournament as well as history, card choices and getting your head around being able to do literarily anything at instant speed. We also lament that palenchron doesn’t have flash. Enjoy!

Episode 126 – Slight Return

We return with something suitably epic!

Episode 125 – Playing around things

We take a look at what it means to play around things that your opponent might be doing. What does leaving certain mana untapped mean? How can you represent things that you may or may not have? When is it good to play into things? Also – er….. BONOUS REBEL SECTION because reasons.

Also – A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from all of the Stus over here at the Legacy Breakfast. Have fun over the restive season! 🙂


Hello. We come right back at you by bringing you one of the more maligned decks of the format, Goblin Charbelcher. Is it an unfair blight on the format? Is it an inconsistent mess? Should you play it now Ooops all spells exists? And also – where did all the bacon go……?

Episode 123 – Meta Catchup

We take a quick look at a few tournaments that happened recently, and have our usual smorgasboard of chat, legacy, Emails and most importantly, round 2 of Substitute Bottom!

Episode 122 – Standstill

Is it a single card spotlight? Is it a decktech? Who knows!? We tackle all things standstill, from deck history, current usage including decklists and even how to play against this tricky card. Click the link, but take your time.

Episode 121 – When Pirates attack!

This week, we take a look at the latest set release through the lens of the legacy format, from pirate stompy to….. whatever the dinosaur equivalent will be! We also tackle such existential questions as does being a wizard or soldier take up more time? Why is Sinbad not a pirate? Also – EWOKS!!

Episode 120 – Mailbag

We take a look at some questions that have come in from listeners but we didn’t quite have time to get around to looking at yet. We tackle such subjects as Leovold in legacy, whether synergy is better than power, the dangers of upkeeps in EDH, who is the best person to take on a cephalid breakfast deck tech. All this AND MORE!

Episode 119 – Birmingham modern GP legacy side Tournament report

BE AMAZED! As we take 6 decks to 6 different events in 3 days! BE AWESTRUCK! At Stu T. remembering 1 or more things that happened over the weekend! BE BEWILDERED! By tales of playing solidarity in a serious tournament! BE INFORMED! As we divulge the best way to sneak into a quilting festival! All this and more will be revealed in….. TALES FROM THE GP!!!!!

Episode 118 – Hour of devastation set review

After a quick break to sire children, we return! And due to popular demand, we review the set that was released in our absence. It’s got camels! It’s got deserts! It’s got overcosted creatures with multiple subtypes! It’s got do nothing enchantments! Come join us and “the bag” as we explore LIVE what will undoubtably be a range of legacy playables from the new set*.

*or not.

Episode 116(ish) – Bird / Serpent War (Amonket “preview”)

We return with our take on some of the cards from one of the latest set releases, which we hadn’t quite got around to…. Its worth noting that this was our take pre-top banning, and so a lot of our comments are viewed through the miracle defined meta. Even so, its a fun ramble through some bad cards and some cards that, while legacy unplayable, would be strong contenders in an upcoming bird / serpent war heavy metal rock opera.

Episode 117(ish) – Top banning, post miracles meta and some Emails

We take a peer down the wormhole into future reverse land, and we do an emergency release of an episode from the future! We finally bring you some thoughts about the recent legacy shake up and the expected meta, as well as other burning issues, such as how to beat “Sharknado – the deck” and see how amazingly bad Stu T.s memory really is….

Episode 115 Eternal weekend, Paris Part 2

We catch up with our intrepid hero, Stu T after a hard day tournamenting with some reflections on the deck, opponents, and mat choice.

Episode 115 Eternal weekend, Paris Part 1, ft. James Cooper, Francis Cowper and Lauri Achte

We bring you some thoughts recorded LIVE from Paris. we take a look at how our respective decks are shaping up, and review some of the best moments from the trials on the Friday. We also ask some burning questions, such as what the Helsinki meta is like and what my favourite power tool is. And we definitely don’t drink any red wine*.

Episode 114 Email Catchup

We take some time to get back in touch with our lovely listeners and get to grips with such topics as: StuT’s current Team America List, a small tournament report, animate dead, the two lands you should be playing in pox but aren’t, bad combos, cards we would love to lose to, how good prison is at the moment and the best thing to do after you’ve resolved a desert twister. Enjoy!

Episode 113 Removal Suites

This week we take a look at the kinds of threats you will be facing down in legacy, and the ways that the various colours of magic have to deal with them. From fiery bolts to death magics to…. er…. whatever it is that green has….. Find it all here!

Episode 112 Budget Decks ft. Chris Cooper

Its that time again! Time to talk about the philosophy of building budget decks, if porting from other formats (specifically modern) is a good idea, go though a budget goblin deck and have a swift BUG delver tourney report. All with our good friend Chrisslebrand! (sic).

Episode 111 Demystifying Doomsday

Well, in this long awaited episode, we talk doomsday! We take a look at this often misunderstood and maligned deck in order to better understand how it plays, its pros and cons, a sample decklist and a few piles to get you started on the long term project that is becoming a doomsday pilot.

Episode 110 Listener Catch up and Emails 

We discuss things we’ve been playing recently, as well as a smorgasbord of comment and questions from our lovely listeners!

Episode 109 Aether Revolt Set Review

This week we rather belatedly wheel out the trusty bag of nope to see what’s playable in the latest set: Aether Revolt! With free spells, yet another take on kicker and the return of vehicles and energy, surely we can find something? Right?!

Episode 108 Tournament Report and chat from Hide ‘n’ Geek, Worc.

We return after the festive season to bring you a realistic breakfast simulator! Hear the cutlery! Taste the sausage! Imagine the fantastic decor! Talk about any and every magic related thing that you can think of! And after filling yourself with bacon-y goodness, what better way to celebrate other than a tournament? Hurrah!

Episode 107 Sequencing

We take a finer look at the order in which we play our cards in order to try and strategy better. On top of this, we take a look at a mono green devotion deck, make the intro music 10% more Christmass-y and have one of the best monsters of the week in a little while!

Episode 106 Infect Tournament report Ft. Nic Genisis

We go deeper on infect, and get a tournament report from Nic Genisis, detailing some of his matches from the manaleak eternal weekend. We look at card choices, go through some cool plays and talk more about assigning your own role (aggro / control) during play.

Episode 105 Meta-catchup

We take a look at the recent goings on around the world recently, have another accidental (B/R reanimater) deck tech and try to penetrate the wall of text on Atraxa….

Episode 104 Maverick Decktech
We have a swift tournament report, and then crack on with the serious business of making one guy, then another guy and hoping they aren’t on a turn 1 deck….

Episode 103 Miracles Pt2 Deck Tech ft. Steven Hendrickson Jr
Part 2 of our chat with Steve Hendrickson Jr!

Episode 102 Miracles Pt1 Deck Tech ft. Steven Hendrickson Jr
We enlist some help from across the pond and tackle the deck thats been terrorising the top tables for some time. Steve helps us understand some of the card choices of the deck, its history and strategies.

Episode 100 Pt 4 and Episode 101 – Kaladesh set review.

We finally bring episode 100 to its thrilling conclusion, and bring you the newest and best cards that magic has to offer from the latest set. Enjoy!

Episode 100 Pts 1-3 100 top cards!

In this landmark episode, we have a special look at our top 10 favourite and most powerful cards over 10 categories, as well as the usual chat and highjinx.

Episode 99 – Grixis Delver Deck Tech

Hi guys! This week, we take a look at another deck tearing up the top tables – Girxis flavoured delver. Card choices, Strategies and sample hands galore!

Episode 98 – Conspiracy II set review

Fancy becoming the non-denominational generic monarch of your choice? Need a strict upgrade to clone for your deck? Need to know why the entire population of Trest appears to be only 2 people? Need several new playables for your Death and Taxes deck? Then this, my friend, is the podcast for you :).

Episode 97 – Single card spotlight – Stoneforge Mystic

At the request of a listener, we take a look at a modern legacy staple, stone forge mystic. The history of the card, how to play with and around it, and more!

Episode 96 – Miracles Anti-tech

This week, we take a look at the tips, tricks and cards that can help out in this often-difficult matchup

Episode 95 – Emails, Emails, Emails!

Once more, we try and clear the mountains of Emails that reach us from our lovely listeners. We answer such burning questions as: What deck would we play if we could only play 1 deck for the next 5 years, a quick look at an Esper Mentor list, and ourselves “What would a cross between the films Old Boy, The Naked Gun and a crush of Eldrazi look like?”

Episode 94 – Eldritch Moon set review

We consult Nope-stradamus and ask him and his bag of nope if any of the new set will be legacy playable. With some surprising results!*

*or not… 🙂

Episode 93 – The Deck tech no-one expected! Spanish Inquisition

Janky combo ahoy! For fans of turn one kills and losing goldfishes, we bring you the barrel of fun that is…. Spanish Inquisition!

Episode 92 – GP Prague and SCG Columbus Metagame analysis

We get introduced to a new game which will sweep the nation – “Substitute bottom”! On top of that we examine a few grixis delver hands and look at the recent goings on in legacy land(TM).

*Due to technical reasons, there were some sync-ing issues, and so some sections may be a little odd. I hope this doesn’t hamper your enjoyment of this spectacular episode!

Episode 91 – Emails and catch-up

In what can only be described as the most eclectic episode to date, we take a look at several burning hot topics, including, but not limited to: Drafting Eternal Masters, How to make Worm Harvest better, The gender of Emrakul, A Doomsday tournament report, Why you shouldn’t play Quicken, The most dangerous creature of all to hold a Sword of fire and Ice, Some number of shout outs, an accidental UR delver decktech, A Grixis tournament report, and a new game to play along at home – “Thats my Nephilim!”

Episode 90 – General chit chat / a look at Eternal Masters spoilers

Today, we have a random bonus mystery feature, and then have a chat about the cards that have been spoilt for the upcoming Eternal Masters release. And have a surprise appearance by the mystery display team.

Episode 89 – BoM meta analysis

In this weeks thrilling episode, we take a look at the recent goings on at the Bazaar of Moxen in Anncey. We have a meta breakdown and take an in depth look at the top8 deck lists. And we find out what homarids REALLY sound like…

Episode 88 – Sideboading Pt 2

At one listeners request, we take another look at sideboarding, this time looking at it not in terms of deck construction, but in terms of actual play. We use our own current decks to illustrate what we bring in and out for certain matches, and our reasoning why, as well as the best transition music ever…..

Episode 87 – Cube with James Griffin

This week we take a look at the “Cube” format, and see how you play it and how it relates to legacy. We touch on cube design and drafting as well as the philosophy of the various colours of magic. All this and more homarids than you can shake a stick at! Now with MOAR volume!

Episode 86 – The Reserve List
Today we tackle the controversial topic of the Reserve List. Finding out about its history and its current day implications, as well as what a reserve list-less eternal format might look like.

Episode 85 – Listener catchup and Magus of the Wheel brew
We take some time to tackle the Emails that everyone was lovely enough to send us in, and then do a request – To brew a deck with Magus of the Wheel. In which me and Stu come up with two almost completely unplayable decks.* Hurrah!

*Stu T.s actually has a 100% winrate**
**Sample size 1

Episode 84 – Shadows Over Innistrad Set Review
We have a look at the new set, and make some picks as to what we think will be playable in Legacy in the future, as well as have a look at some of the rules changes to returning mechanics and recap how playable cards from Battle for Zendikar were.

Episode 83 – An Interview with Tom Kellock
Today we have a chat with Southern Legacy Allstar Tom Kellock, who was the token Englishman at this years BoM Madrid top8! We have some lands chat, as well as discussing some plays, how he perceives the Eldrazi entrance to the format, and how mishras factory attacks people in “real life”. Enjoy!

PS Apologies for the sound quality in places. Skype happened…

Episode 82 – SCG Philly and BOM Madrid
We do some more metagame analysis, and see what effect the Eldrazi invasion is having on the world of legacy. We look at a few of the decks from this weekend gone, and see how things are developing across both continents.

Episode 81 – Global Gaming Legacy FNM Report
This week we go back to Ghettocasting(TM) at a recent local tournament we went to. We chat with some of our opponents, discuss some plays, have a look at our decks, and introduce you to the most verbose of all our friends, Jim Corwood!

Episode 80 – Listener catch up and initial thought on Eternal Masters
We take some time to reply to some Emails (back to the viewer of the week jingle – Sorry Martin!) and mull over what eternal masters could mean for the health of the format as a whole, as well as its financial implications. And learn how to say “Hello” in Ichorid.

Episode 79 – Deck Tech – Nic Fit
After Nic Fit taking the North by storm (pun intended…) we take a look at the deck and its variants, with an in depth look at its history and some widely played cards. We also have some initial thoughts about the new Eldrazi deck, and go JINGLE CRAZY!!

Episode 78 – Metagame catch up. UK vs USA
In this episode, we take some time to analyse a couple of recent events (one in the US, and one in the UK) and have a look at the reasons behind how well certain decks are represented in top8s.

Episode 77 – Legacy Staple – Dark Ritual
We take some time to examine another format defining card in the form of dark ritual. We take a look at its history and early uses, through to its more modern uses in storm variants. We also catch up a little with some listeners and get in a monster of the week!

Episode 76 – Interview with Alex Gershaw
We review some of our choices for the previous set, and then have a chat with our Northern neighbour, Alex about setting up the Northern Legacy circuit, if legacy is too clique-y, and what I can only imagine to be one of the best monsters of the week ever!

P.S. some of the audio is a bit funky. Skype was playing up that day :/. Apologies!

Episode 75 – Battle for Zendikar set review
In this episode, we answer some listeners Emails, have a quick tournament report and esper mentor discussion before seeing what the new set, Battle for Zenikar holds in store for the legacy community. Which may well be, some cards. If you’re into MUD decks…

Episode 74 – Delver Decks
Welcome back listeners! The wait is over, and we return by looking at a very popular family of archetypes, the delver decks. Whether they are Grixis or BUG flavoured, splash white or come at you from the midrange we look at the differences between these decks and some tips playing both with and against them.

Episode 73 – GP Seattle roundup
Hello. And… We’re back. This time with a round up from the recent GP in Seattle. We take a look at the day 2 meta, as well as decks that made it to the top 8. We also muse over the idea of planeswalker decks in legacy, and wonder where all the combo went…..

Episode 72 – A pox on both your houses!
After receiving what I can only describe as an unprecedented amount of emails about doing a pox deck tech, we finally relent and delve into the world of old school, mono black control, seeing what cards it can use, and seeing what place it has in todays fast-paced, er… blue meta :).

Episode 71 – Listener catchup and banned list announcement
Hi guys. We take some time to tackle the mounting number of Emails we received over the last week, debate the possibility of doing magic seminars, wonder why we got so many requests for a pox deck tech (blatantly going to do one soon :D), and mull over the meta change that will happen as a result of the recent banning/unbannings.

Episode 70 – Battle for Zendikar set review
Hello again! Another set comes rumbling around, and we try to determine which cards could be legacy playable. Only this time, we use the science! We also take a look at our last set review to see how accurate we were, and if any cards slipped us by…

Episode 69 – A Day up North!
We take the legacy breakfast on the road this week! Our intrepid heroes (Stu T, Stu P. and Gaz) leave the comfort of the midlands to take on the finest the North has to offer. We discuss our decks, some matchups, some surprise cards we discovered and debrief the inaugural North Legacy Masters tournament.

Episode 68 – Legacy staple – Sensei’s Divining Top
In this episode (which we hysterically think is episode 69…) we answer a few more listeners Emails, and take a look at another card terrorising the top tables – Sensei’s Divining Top. We look at the decks it’s found in, top “tricks” and how to play against this powerful card.

Episode 67 – Catchup and Post GP analysis
After another little break we come right back at you with some more legacy chat! We discuss the GP and Stu P. gives us some tourney reports.

Episode 66 – Interview with Alex Mortimer, top 8 at GP Lille
HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Riding high from his success at GP Lille, we talk to Alex about all things Land-y, such as how the deck is developing, why non-blue decks are good and how to dodge combo matchups.

Episode 65 – Lille review, Origins review and our set review review
After a short period of absence, we return. Hurrah! And we bring you a bumper episode, recapping the goings on at Lille, as well as taking a look at origins and seeing how we did with our set reviews over time. Also – an all dragon monster of the week and all the reasons why dark confident is good :).

Episode 64 – GP Lille prep
We Take a look at the upcoming GP at Lille, seeing what people will be likely to be playing, various match-ups from the perspective of both infect and miracles, a quick brew and a question from a listener.

Episode 63 – Show and Tell! (and no, not the card)
This week we each bring a decklist that has caught our eye for one reason or another from recent tournaments. We also discuss how we did at the MTGuk legacy event and review some listeners questions. Please excuse the cough!

Episode 62 – MTGuk eternal weekend – part 2
It’s……. part 2, where we continue our exploration of the eternal weekend through interviews and chat. Thanks again to everyone who made the weekend what it was, and a special thanks to Barney from 7th City Games, Jim, Andy Quinn, Benn Shirly and Chris Cooper who all graciously allowed themselves to be interviewed by us. Enjoy!

Episode 61 – MTGuk eternal weekend – part 1
So thanks everyone for your patience as we had to sort out a couple of very special episodes that we have lined up for you. We recently took part in the MTGuk eternal weekend, and on the Saturday we took the time to do some gonzo reporting. Because it was the vintage day (we both wanted to play the legacy day) the discussions lent themselves towards a more general magic chat, but there we some interesting topics that crept up along the way. So be prepared as we talk to some old friends and new about vintage, legacy, growing an eternal community, altering cards, vending them, and an all time record of numbers of monsters of the week! Thanks to everyone who participated in part 1 – Tu Nguyen, Gaz Hirst, Paul McGleish, Mark Aylett and James Griffin.

Episode 60 – Single card spotlight – Lightning Bolt / Deck Tech – Burn
Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1? We here at Legacy Breakfast do, and so we bring you another iconic card, lightning bolt, and also a run down on a deck that plays around 20 of them, burn! So whether you’re new to the format and people are recommending burn to you, or are a grizzled veteran who needs some new tips on making this old archetype work, this is the episode for you!

Episode 59 – Tournament reports, previous card choices and general chit-chat
In todays episode we pay homage to our glorious new overlords government and also look at a recent tournament we played in at Fanboy3. Card choices and matchup analysis abound! Also, we review some of our previous choices of cards to watch from new sets, and see where we were right and where we were wrong, and what types of cards we could look out for in the future.

Episode 58 – Storm Archetypes
Well hello there! Me and Stu get together again and discuss storm. We look at popularly represented archetypes (not to mention some, er…. less well represented ones) and see the history of them, as well as their philosophy, construction, how to play them, what they are susceptible to, and some general hints and tips on how to pilot. WUB WUB.

Episode 57 – GP Kyoto meta
After finally being reunited, our intrepid pair of Stus have a look at the meta from the first Japanese legacy Grand Prix. We have a run down of the decks represented on day 2 (SPOILER – it was quite, quite blue…) and look at the specifics of the top8 deck lists. And we don’t butcher any Japanese names at all. Nosiree!

Episode 56 – SCG meta catchup
Stu P. takes some time out of his globe-trotting millionaire playboy lifestyle, and joins us from Thailand to discuss our recent tournaments and also to see how the SCG circuit is developing.

Episode 55 – A Chat with Dr Rob Wagner
After Stu T. bravely fights off the gremlins* in his audio system, we are back! And this week, we go all UK-centric on you all and talk to the Pro-Touring, Blue Envelope podcasting, Tundra slinging wizard that is Rob Wagner. We chat about a more competitive approach to legacy, and what its like coming to it from other formats. We also discuss what its like changing metas, and have a special monster of the week 20 questions special!

*Due to gremlin** assault, Rob sounds really quiet for the first small section and then underwater for most of the rest of it. Apologies!
**No gremlins were harmed during the making of this podcast. Sadly.

Episode 54 – Dragons of Tarkir Set Review, and tournament report
We trawl through Dragons of Tarkir in order to find some new legacy playable cards. And then (SPOILER ALERT), because there aren’t any, you get a bonus mandatory fun tourney report from both our experiences at the Fanboy3 legacy tournament, and get to see how we are thinking about developing our decks, Sneak attack and Infect.

Episode 53 – Tournament Preparation
This week, we take a look at the steps you should take in order to have an enjoyable and productive tournament experience. From testing and deck choice through meta considerations to tournament logistics – how to try and avoid tilt, when to call a judge, how to watch for slow play and cheating. Some psychology and some rambling stories. Everything you need from your next Legacy Breakfast fix!

Episode 52 – Breaking into Vintage
We have a quick tournament report from the weekend, and see how Stu T. is honing his infect deck. Then we turn our minds to vintage for an episode. We have a look at the differences between legacy and vintage, the vintage meta, and how to think about adapting (unpowered) legacy decks to compete in vintage tournaments. Also – check the new volume before listening. Its been cranked up a notch!

Episode 51 – Finace
With the cost of legacy staples being what they are, we take a look into good times to buy for your legacy collection, factors that might influence card price and the trends that cards undergo in terms of their price and availability. We also see what would happen if Stu T. were to MC the show….

Episode 50 – Deck tech pt2. – RG Combo Lands Situations
We go over Lands’ strategies against various deck types, look at a few sample hands and go through a situation kindly donated by one of our listeners.

Episode 49 – Deck tech pt1. – RG Combo Lands
Time to stop talking about blue things! We have a run-down of the tournament(s) we were involved in over the weekend, have a catch up with listeners and talk about one of Stu T.’s most favourite decks ever – lands! Learn more about the history and philosophy behind this most unusual of archetypes.

Episode 48 – Banned Announcement and the New Meta
We return with some analysis of how we think that the post-banning meta will shake out, and what decks we shall be playing in the new era. And which is the best spellshaper :).

Episode 47 – SCG rundown/meta analysis and Fate Reforged set review
Quick warning – This was recorded before the banned announcements, so dont know how relevant looking at the meta is before the shift… And we also find some fun cards from the latest set. Some of which might be playable. Or not :).

Episode 46 – Legacy Staple – Brainstorm (pt2)
Hello. We return with part 2 of our brainstorm special. After fighting some technical issues, we debrief our last win-a-duel tournament, and bring you some brainstorm situations hot off the press! Thanks for all the suggestions and situations guys, it was really helpful in finishing this 2 parter off. Also – forgive the ramblings, I think I (StuT) mix up a few of the cards in the brainstorming hands. But bear with it. I think the analysis is good :).

Episode 45 – Legacy Staple – Brainstorm (pt1)
Happy New Year from sunny old England! We return after a slight leave of absence with a monster podcast for you all to enjoy. We catch up with listener’s Emails from over the festive season, and look at the history, uses, interactions and awesomeness of brainstorm. Finally, we get to grips with this format defining card :).

Episode 44 – GP NJ breakdown
We have a look at the meta breakdown and what that means, as well as examining two of the more oddball decks to come out of the weekend… We also find out that Stu P. is a ‘staff’ man…

Episode 43 – A look forward to the upcoming GP in New Jersey
Our take on what the top decks might be, how to adjust to the new wave of delver based decks. We hope that it comes out in time to be useful to all the awesome people who are going!

Episode 42 – Emails, Commander14 and Eternal Weekend
Our semi-regular catch up with listeners (including a superawesome Legacy Breakfast Bingo game sent in to play along with :)). Also, we take a look at possible candidates for playable cards from the latest commander release and see what goings on were… going on over at the Eternal Weekend tournament and how the meta is reacting to the new wave of delve decks.

Episode 41 – Elves? ELVES!! Ft Charles di Castiglione
We have another deck tech, this time focusing on elves. With their recent popularity, we examine why elves! has become a tier1 strategy, and look at individual card choices as well as problem cards for the deck and go through some sample hands. All with the help of that lovely chap, Charles :).

Episode 40 – Legacy Staple – Wasteland
We continue pouring praise on the new ‘Viking Funeral’ UR delver deck, and take a look at another pillar of the legacy meta – Wasteland. How does it fit into different deck types? When should I waste? How to play around it? We look at this often used card with some fresh eyes and try to find some sweet value plays with it.

Episode 39 – Infect situations
With cards from Kahns already making an impact on the format, we have a quick review of how the delve cards are doing and also take an in depth look at a deck thats been doing surprisingly well while no-one was looking – Infect stompy.

Episode 38 – Kahns of Tarkir review
We take a look at the latest set release and conclude that…. IT MIGHT CONTAIN SOME LEGACY PLAYABLE CARDS :o. From delve guys to new, strangely named “wedges”, we explore all things Kahn-y.

Episode 37 – Planeswalkers
And no, not the zodiac rooster kind :). In this episode we look at the effect planeswalkers have had on the game of magic, from life before them and commonly played ones to ones that could maybe find places in more… fringe decks. Also we look at how to combat planeswalkers with the tools available to the legacy arsenal.

Episode 36 – Catch up with our listeners!
After our short break, we take some time to go through the Emails that have been building up. So we answer some questions, ranging from Jund sideboard to the state of legacy and how to get into it to suboptimal plays we have made to looking forward to GP Lille.

Episode 35 – Underplayed cards
We’re back! And we’ve got a double episode extravaganza lined up for you to make up for our absence. In the first of which, we look at some cards that we think are underplayed in legacy.

Episode 34 – M15 Set Review, Monster of the week and general nostalgia
In this episode, we take a look if any of the cards from M15 are going to make a splash in the legacy meta. We also unleash our monsters of the week (jingles and all) and take a trip down memory lane with some of our favourite monsters from bygone years.

Episode 33 – Deck Tech Part Two – RUG Situations
In part two of examining RUG, we look at some general situations that a RUG pilot might encounter, as well as specific hands and discuss the tactics of this fascinating deck. Grab a coffee and settle in. Its a biggie!

Episode 32 – Deck Tech Part One – Canadian Threshold
This week, we realise that we haven’t talked about RUG Delver/Canadian Threshold yet! Part one of two is the history of the archetype and a decklist.

Episode 31 – Legacy Conspiracy & Top Green Cards
This week, we have a look at how Conspiracy might play for legacy, consider an announcement on custom cards and assemble a list of the best green cards in Legacy. We also pick our competition winner for the James-Griffin-altered-German-Brainstorm.

Episode 30 – UG Stasis Brew
At the request of listeners we build around one of our favourite cards… Stasis! Stu even considers taking this deck to an actual event…

Episode 29 – Bazaar of Moxen round up
This week, we take a slightly belated, in depth look at the metagame present at BoM9, and have an analysis of the top 8 decks.

Episode 28 – (Insert Nyx-based pun here)
Well hello there! After making the obligatory Nyx-based pun, we go on to have a look at some of the cards from the new set release, and see if any of them can carve a niche in the legacy meta…

Episode 27 – The Banned List
We take a look at the banned list. Why certain cards were banned, what cards could be potentially banned/unbanned and thinking to if certain cards were unbanned, where they would find themselves in legacy. We end up saying “See Vintage” a lot too…

Episode 26 – Deck Tech – Death and Taxes
After a brief hiatus, we are back. Hurrah! And we are here to take a look at one of the classic white weenie strategies still in play today. Is it aggro? Is it prison? How many tricks with an aether vial are there exactly? How can I win the sweet altered art brainstorm? Learn all this AND MORE!

Episode 25 – Shell Game
Hello. In this episode, we take a look at the various deck “shells” and “packages” used in legacy decks, with a view to help with deckbuilding and sideboarding choices. We also uncover the secret best two delver shells currently in legacy…

Episode 24 – Postmodernism
We take a look at modern, discussing how it relates to legacy, the similarities and differences. We also see how people can transition to legacy from modern and moderns impact on legacy. And how to say ‘British jam is very tasty’ in Japanese.

Episode 23 – Legacy staple – Swords to Plowshares
In this episode we do a bit of ‘housekeeping’ and catch up with people who have Emailed in. We also have a look at the next in the long line of iconic legacy cards, swords to plowshares. We discuss its history, its uses relative to other types of removal, functional reprints and how different archetypes tend to use it.

Episode 22 – (Anti) Deck tech – Dredge Ft. Andrew Rouse
With a recent resurgence in dredge’s popularity, we take a look at the deck and try to get to grips with its mechanisms and aim to get a better understanding of all its triggers. We use this information as any reasonably minded would: TO DESTROY DREDGE. And dredge is so hard to destroy, that it needed this monster episode to do it. In other news, we learn how to spell narcomoeba….

Episode 21 – Paris breakdown and top 5 cards analysis
We take a look at the top decks and players from the recent GP in Paris, as well as examining the top 5 influential cards over the 2 days. We also maintain an air of smugness about our predictions from last week, and look forward to the win a dual at Worcester.

Episode 20 – Meta shifts and GP Paris
In this rather more laid back episode, me and Stu discuss recent goings on both in terms of local tournaments and a look ahead to the expected meta at GP Paris and how things have shifted since the Bazaar. We also discuss GR combo lands, and why you should learn to play it.

Episode 19 – Strategy in magic the gathering
After last weeks look at ‘softer’ skills, this week we look at HOW TO CRUSH YOUR OPPONENT. We look at some examples from game theory and explore what they mean in terms of magic, as well as taking an in depth look at levelling, and see what other games like poker and chess have to teach us about the game we all know and love.

Episode 18 – Pimp my things? Ft. James Griffin
In this slightly belated episode (due to real life/technical issues – Sorry!), we take a swift look at the latest release and its applications to legacy, as well as having James Griffin on board to talk about the softer skills of magic: Trading, altering cards, and the joys of owning a deck that is pimp.

Episode 17 – Counterspells
Counterspells are found in all manner of legacy decks, so we take some time to find the most commonly played ones, and discuss the pros and cons of each. We also take a look at how to play around various counters, and why you should play counterspells rather than any other form of disruption.

Episode 16 – Judgebreaker Ft. Tomas Sukaitis
Today we are joined by level 2 judge Tom, who we try to break with questions about priority, rules enforcement levels, layering, and generally how judges approach situations that are commonly found in legacy. And Shandalar the MTG computer game…

Episode 15 – Legacy Staple – Cabal Therapy
After a break for the festive season, we welcome in the New Year with another single card spotlight. This time we look at Cabal Therapy. We see why it’s different to other forms of discard, examine what types of deck should play it, and question why it should deserve the title ‘Legacy Staple’.

Episode 14 – Fun decks to try out this Xmas!
Played your 8th esperblade mirror on cockatrice? Fed up of discussing how to beat miracles with storm? We take a bit of a break from looking at serious decks and strategies and have a look at some of the more fun decks of the format, taking a look at such classics as Big Red, Astral Slide, Rock Gifts, Solidarity, Spanish Inquisition, Stasis, 8-land Stompy and Hatred (to name but a few!).

Episode 13 – Esperblade control situations feat. Mark Aylett
We continue our in depth look at various decks, and today we have Esperblade under the microscope. Seeing as don’t really know how to play control, we enlist the help of legacy tsar Mark Aylett to help us through the basics of how and when to control a game, and look at some LIVE sample hands of the recently popular Esperblade lists.

Episode 12 – Sideboarding
Storm too strong in the meta? Need that 1 card that hoses ‘hatred’? Stuck on what to bring in against control? We present some musings on sideboarding techniques and see how unique they are in legacy, from transformational boards to wishboards, from hard hate to tweeking. Find it all in this weeks podcast!

Episode 11 – Land Ho!
So, lands. A boring yet essential part of your deck? Not in Legacy! We go over lands in detail and explore just what you can do with your manabase. Stu P also reveals why he hates testing against Stu T’s “new” decks.

Episode 10 – Legacy Staple – Force of Will
Well all the excitement of the Bazaar over, we start a new series looking at some of the more famous and influential cards found in legacy. We look at the history of the card, and its use across the different archetypes of legacy. We also find more obstacles to the viability of hatred…

Episode 9 – Top8 Meta Catchup Breakdown?
This week we have a quick look at which decks made Top 8 at the two biggest legacy tournament in the US and Europe. Why didn’t we play in both? THEY WERE ON THE SAME DAY! We look at the similarities and differences between the Top 8s and draw some conclusions on the current meta.

Episode 8 – BoM live podcast
Well after an extended leave of absence to test and then play the Bazaar of Moxen, we are back with a special feature-length live episode of the goings on in France. Stu T will be agonising over my last few sideboard slots, Stu P will realise he hates jund, and special guest appearances by our travelling companions, Gaz and Nicola. Well worth the wait! Normal services have been resumed.

Episode 7 – Preparation for the Bazaar of Moxen
With the Bazaar of Moxen looming on the horizon, me and Stu (you know, the other one) talk through our deck choices, card choices, and what we expect the meta to look like. As well as tactics to avoid going a bit crazy in a 16 round, 2 day tournament (spoiler alert – don’t play storm!)

Episode 6 – Theros playables
In todays episode, we have a closer look at the cards from the new set and see if we can find any legacy playables. And come up with some surprising results….

Episode 5 – TES Situations
The first of what we hope will become a regular slot. We take a deck, give you some opening hands, and look at some unusual situations that you could find yourself in and ways to play yourself out of them. Starting with one of my favourite decks – The Epic Storm. The List(s) used can be found in the resources section.

Episode 4.5 Easter Egg
Before we record each week, we do a quick soundcheck (to ensure levels are right, etc), and usually involves talking nonsense. Todays one I thought was extra funny/random, so I though i’d post it. Also, bizarrely, seems to involve a dinosaur noise…..

Episode 4 – Deck Tech – Omniscience
We take a look at one of the hot decks at the moment, omniscience. Whats in it, how to play with and against it, whats in the board and what you need 16 cantrips for anyway?

Episode 3 – Archetype guide
Here we break down various archetypes you might find when you go to a legacy tournament. We discuss the pros and cons of Aggro, Control and Combo, as well as look at linear verses non-linear strategies.

Episode 2 – A New Players Guide to Legacy
In this exciting episode, we are joined by Heather to discuss getting into the format, the awesome power of spectral lynx, the state of aggro, M14 rules changes, how to do things on a budget and our first Q&A session.

Episode 1 – Introduction to Legacy
Who are we? What is legacy?How can I get into it? How did the format begin? What important changes were made? Why do we ask so many questions? All these are answered here. AND MORE!

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