Some MtG sites and resources for all the community


For all your breakfast needs, to discuss legacy or indeed any other hot topic! Both Stu’s can be found the first Sunday of every month at Poppins, Worcester. Mines a megabreakfast with no tomatoes, no mushroom, extra black pudding. Yum!

Hide and Geek

They host the monthly tournament at Worcester in conjunction with the Worcester Phoenix Legacy group on the first Sunday of the month. They also sell various collectables and comics .


One of our regular legacy fixes is the monthly tournament at Manaleak, Birmingham. They also do cards. HANDY! Check them out and come to a tournament.

The Library at Pendrell Vale

A fantastic resource for anyone wanting to check out the UK M:tg legacy scene or get some great articles about all things legacy from the best the UK has to offer! Hosted by Tom Kellock.

James Griffin Alters

If you need some altered art to have the pimpest deck there is, or to tidy up your battered vintage collection, James is your man. Bespoke design, good service, and a nice chap to boot.

The Salt Mine

Need even more legacy podcast goodness? Check out our antipodean colleagues at the Salt Mine for more tournament reports, strategy, and of course, salt.

The Source

THE place to go for legacy deck discussions. Read the posts from the architects that designed your favourite decks and read the accompanying exchange of opinions arguments.

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