Episode 73 – GP Seattle/Tacoma Roundup

Hello. And… We’re back. This time with a round up from the recent GP in Seattle. We take a look at the day 2 meta, as well as decks that made it to the top 8. We also muse over the idea of planeswalker decks in legacy, and wonder where all the combo went…..

Your Hosts
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor


Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Top 32:

Commander 2015 Spoiler: Mizzix’s Mastery:

Reliquary Retreat

Link to Podcast File:

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7 thoughts on “Episode 73 – GP Seattle/Tacoma Roundup

  1. Your yawning are killing me. Reschedule it if you’re too tired or too disinterested.

    Miracles require much longer and harder learning curve than Shardless BUG. More players might be on Miracles day 1, but fewer are competent enough pilot to Day 2.

    Keep in mind the GP was on the West coast when most Legacy players are located on the East coast, not everyone has had the luxury to travel to Seattle.

    Your questions about reanimator’s card choices answered here:

    • Cheers for the link! The archetype (of Endurance) still seems odd to me. Maybe i’ll try and watch some of the games for some enlightenment. It certainly must have something going for it :). Its strange that I never tried reanimator, liking both fatties and combo decks…. And sorry about the yawning. We were trying to keep the podcasts more regular, and so thought we would blow on even though we were both a bit tired. Hope it didn’t impair your enjoyment so much :).

      Stu T.

  2. Re: Scrubland vs Tundra (vs Savannah)

    Playing a WX land for a WX splash card is completely redundant in terms of turning on your colours. If you’re tapping your splash land to cast the spell, you’re always tapping it for W rather than for X, which implicitly means you’re getting X from another source. The WX dual isn’t adding X to your available colours – it’s only adding W – but a WZ or a WY dual might. (i.e. if you’re using Tundra to pay for WU where W is the splash colour, you must be tapping Tundra for W and another source for U, so Tundra being able to tap for U doesn’t increase the number of colours available to you; being able to tap for any other colour does).

    It’s at its most relevant when you have exactly two lands, your splash land and one other. Bayou never helps you cast Mage, so we’ll ignore it – that leaves Sea and Trop. With Tundra as the splash land, Sea gives you access to WUB but not G; Trop to WUG but not B. With Scrubland as the splash, Sea still gives you WUB but not G; Trop to *all four colours*. (With Savannah, Sea gives you *all four colours*; Trop gives you WUG but not B.)

    In general terms, barring other considerations besides turning on your colours, if you’re adding a dual to an XYZ deck in order to turn on a splash in W for a card that costs WX to cast, then the dual should be WY or WZ colours but not WX.

    This is all massively minimised by having a third land or active Deathrite on the table, of course, and ultimately the concession to BB costs in Hymn/Liliana is probably far more relevant than any of this. Similarly, other decks might have different concerns such as always needing access to U or wanting to play around Choke. Interesting bit of theory to think about though.

  3. This is a bit behind, and I’m not sure why I go about clarifying this when I see it, but: in my Knight/Retreat deck (“Brave Sir Robin”), I’d prefer never use Steppe and leave it “up” (by leaving an uncracked fetchland in play and Dryad Arbor + Steppe still in the deck) whilst comboing so that you can catch any removal they’ve sandbagged through misplaying (common), drawing it later while I’ve been leaving Knight up for that very circumstance (uncommon), or their attempt to disrupt later in the combo and leave my mana wrecked (rare).

    Also, Scryb Ranger is not very good, since it’s another pretty-bad-without-Knight card in a deck that is already too far in on it.

    • Hey Steve! Thanks for getting in touch. Its ok, as you can tell, we tend to run a bit behind too sometimes :D. Congratulations on the finish, and for coming up with a the only deck I wanted to try out from that series :). Its a good way to play the knight. Did you ever find yourself wanting a more conventional build of want? Would you still play it if there was a big tourney. I enjoyed playing your deck immensely, but found myself lacking for results compared to say, New Horizons (although I was obviously much less used to using the combo build :)).

      Stu T.

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