How To

There are many ways to listen to podcasts. Each have their pros and cons and may not suit everybody.

In my experience, by far the easiest way to listen is through iTunes . For apple users, the apple podcast app will let you find the show on iTunes and can be set to download each episode automatically. Similarly, subscribing to Legacy breakfast on iTunes will automatically download new episodes for you to listen to.

You can also stream the episode, by either using the audio player in a browser, or again through something like Apple TV.

For non iOS users, the show is also available on stitcher radio here:

For android users, try IP Podcast Player, which lets you subscribe to iTunes podcasts:

Also, try subscribing to our RSS feed, to never miss a post on Legacy Breakfast

2 thoughts on “How To

  1. Last show you we asked to decktech Pox. I’d also love to hear that.

    I’ve played all kinds of Pox from Monoblack with Tops to G/B which basicly spashed green for Abrupt Decay and Sylvan Library’s. Some Loam Pox and Jund Depths.

    Double black spells are my favorite and no other has more. Now that Dig Through Time is gone please about how this deck may make a splash and what to watch out for. Side board options too.

    Thank you much. Love the show!

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