Episode 115 Eternal Weekend, Paris Part 2

We catch up with our intrepid hero, Stu T after a hard day tournamenting with some reflections on the deck, opponents, and mat choice.

Your Hosts,
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

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3 thoughts on “Episode 115 Eternal Weekend, Paris Part 2

  1. Hi guys,
    I really like your podcast but I cannot be online all the time since I am traveling a lot.
    Could you post again the direct link for downloading it?

    • Hi Michael,

      Sorry- I forgot to add the link! It should be fixed now. Have you thought about getting a podcast app? If you subscribe to our feed, it will download all the episodes as they’re posted without you having to do anything – There’s a how to on the website.

  2. Great, thank you for the link!
    I cannot use the feed since there is no free space on my phone and I constantly have to delete stuff before downloading.

    Let me also use the opportunity to tell you that you do a great job with the podcast and keep on going!

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