Episode 92 – GP Prague and SCG Columbus Metagame Analysis

We get introduced to a new game which will sweep the nation – “Substitute bottom”! On top of that we examine a few grixis delver hands and look at the recent goings on in legacy land(TM).

*Due to technical reasons, there were some sync-ing issues, and so some sections may be a little odd. I hope this doesn’t hamper your enjoyment of this spectacular episode.

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

email: legacybreakfast@gmail.com
twitter: @LegacyBreakfast

Starting hand


Opponents hand:


4 Flooded Strand
4 Polluted Delta
1 Tropical Island
2 Underground Sea
3 Volcanic Island
4 Wasteland
4 Delver of Secrets
4 Deathrite Shaman
3 Young Pyromancer
1 Vendilion Clique
2 Gurmag Angler
4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Brainstorm
4 Ponder
2 Cabal Therapy
4 Lightning Bolt
1 Spell Pierce
1 Dismember
4 Force of Will
4 Daze


Deck lists:


Direct link to podcast:

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