Episode 75 – Oath of the Gatewatch Set Review

In this episode, we answer some listeners Emails, have a quick tournament report and esper mentor discussion before seeing what the new set, Oath of the Gatewatch holds in store for the legacy community. Which may well be, some cards. If you’re into MUD decks…

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

T: @legacybreakfast
E: legacybreakfast@gmail.com

Link to podcast:

8 thoughts on “Episode 75 – Oath of the Gatewatch Set Review

  1. Great cast but no discussion at all of oath of Nissa? Potential non blue card selection. Seemed at least worth discussing.

  2. Regarding Overwhelming Denial as a offensive counterspell to protect your own spells (like Jace), doesn’t really work, does it? It doesn’t stop your opponent from just countering the original target again. Like this: You: Jace. I: counterspell targeting Jace You: Overwhelming denial targeting your counterspell. I: Another counterspell targeting Jace. It’s only really effective when you try to counter a card your opponent’s casting.

    • Yes, I think Stu P was a little over excited with the card :D. Sometimes its a struggle to find even average uses for cards in a set (in a legacy environment). Im pretty sure its unplayable. Although we have been wrong before. Plays through counterbalance, at least LD.

    • Short story – It makes loud things quieter and quiet things louder :). But they’re a really key part in more recording processes. Really, Im just learning more about production as I go through the episodes, which is why sometimes there is a sound quality “blip” in some episodes as I try some new things out. Its been a great learning experience for me too!

      • Guess the irony in “not a studio nerd” didn’t translate all that well in writing. (I’m very much a studio nerd, I’m afraid.). What make/model? ;o)

      • A-haha. I see :D. I’ve got 3. Ones a fairly rubbish one that I got when I first started recording anything – the Comp16 from Presonus. After that I got a Comp-54 MkII (made by the Golden Age Project – they based it on the old Neve designs). And the one I got most recently is the ART VLA II. Its stereo for buses and has a tube. Apparently it sounds 100000% better if you change the tubes. But I’m not so electronics savvy… :). Because, you know, sometimes you need to compress something to within an inch of its life :D.

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