Episode 105 Meta-Catchup

We take a look at the recent goings on around the world recently, have another accidental (B/R reanimater) deck tech and try to penetrate the wall of text on Atraxa….

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

Link to podcast

3 thoughts on “Episode 105 Meta-Catchup

  1. Nissa, Vital Force also makes your Cradle into a creature which means you can untap it with Quirion Ranger and make tons of mana. If you have Cradle she also pays for herself pretty much every time.

  2. Atraxa is mainly nice in Nic Fit because it’s a Baneslayer Angel which you can find with Green Sun’s Zenith, so she stabilizes you enormously against tempo and also works as a finisher that can’t be Decayed or Bolted. The Proliferate is a nice bonus but it’s practically flavor text most of the time.

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