Episode 99 – Grixis Delver Deck Tech

Hi guys! This week, we take a look at another deck tearing up the top tables – Girxis flavoured delver. Card choices, Strategies and sample hands galore!

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor


Sample hands and list to follow!

Link to podcast:

2 thoughts on “Episode 99 – Grixis Delver Deck Tech

  1. Love the podcast Stuart and Stuatt!
    I was wondering if it’s not time to do an episode on Miracles?
    The only reason being that Miracles is brilliant and I want my favourite Magic podcast to talk more about it!


    • Bless bless! Yes, its high time we did miracles. What, with it being the best deck for the best part of 2-3 years. :D. All of the good miracles players that we know are American though, and getting everyone on at the same hour seems to be problematic. We might just go ahead and do one soon anyway though. Thanks for listening! :).

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