Episode 86 – The Reserve List

Today we tackle the controversial topic of the Reserve List. Finding out about its history and its current day implications, as well as what a reserve list-less eternal format might look like.

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

Twitter: @LegacyBreakfast
email: legacy breakfast@gmail.com


Julian Knab: http://itsjulian.com/?p=2039

Axion Legacy Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1664366137158028/

Direct Link to Podcast: https://legacybreakfast.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/podcast-86.mp3

2 thoughts on “Episode 86 – The Reserve List

  1. Hey dudes, i just send you a tweet. Nice podcast! GP Prague, MKM Series en BOM Series are the big Legacy events. I suggest you put more re-occuring segments in the show, like ‘card of the week’, event calender and maybey a quizz. Even reward listened for sharing the show or putting it on their websites is maybey a good idea. Some podcasts post their episodes on Youtube too, very accesable, don’t you thinks. I just want to keep legacy alive and maybe with modern of the protour and eternale masters coming up i see chances we should grab, don’t you agree?

    Keep it up and best regards,


    • Hey man. Thanks for the feedback. Always nice to hear how we can make the podcast better :). We tried to do the weekly thing with “Monster of the week” and “View (listener!) question of the week”, but we should make them more regular. I’ll look into youTube, thats something I never really thought of (just being audio), but wouldn’t it be too big a size for the upload to there (unless you are a partner or something…?). Any who, keep on legacy-ing. Hopefully catch you at one of the BoM events.

      Stu T.

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