Episode 83 – An Interview with Tom Kellock

Today we have a chat with Southern Legacy Allstar Tom Kellock, who was the token Englishman at this years BoM Madrid top8! We have some lands chat, as well as discussing some plays, how he perceives the Eldrazi entrance to the format, and how mishras factory attacks people in “real life”. Enjoy!

PS Apologies for the sound quality in places. Skype happened…

Your Hosts
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

Twitter: @LegacyBreakfast
email: legacy breakfast@gmail.com

Tom’s List:
1 [UNH] Forest
1 [] Ghost Quarter
1 [IA] Glacial Chasm
1 [JU] Riftstone Portal
1 [LG] The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
1 [ZEN] Verdant Catacombs
1 [KTK] Windswept Heath
1 [KTK] Wooded Foothills
2 [R] Taiga
2 [C14] Tranquil Thicket
3 [DK] Maze of Ith
4 [CS] Dark Depths
4 [FUT] Grove of the Burnwillows
4 [MM] Rishadan Port
4 [GTC] Thespian’s Stage
4 [TE] Wasteland
4 [SH] Mox Diamond
1 [EX] Manabond
4 [CNS] Exploration
4 [UL] Crop Rotation
4 [CMD] Punishing Fire
4 [US] Gamble
4 [RAV] Life from the Loam
SB: 4 [EX] Sphere of Resistance
SB: 2 [MR] Chalice of the Void
SB: 4 [] Krosan Grip
SB: 1 [LG] Karakas
SB: 1 [8E] Choke
SB: 1 [CHK] Boseiju, Who Shelters All
SB: 1 [C14] Bojuka Bog
SB: 1 [] Molten Vortex

Link to the Southern Legacy Players Facebook Group

The library at pendrell vale

Direct link to podcast: https://legacybreakfast.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/podcast-83.mp3

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