Episode 79 – Dech Tech – Nic Fit

After Nic Fit taking the North by storm (pun intended…) we take a look at the deck and it’s variants, with an in-depth look at it’s history and some widely-played cards. We also have some initial thoughts about the new Eldrazi deck, and go JINGLE CRAZY!!

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

Calendar Durward on Nic Fit:

Direct Link to podcast:

2 thoughts on “Episode 79 – Dech Tech – Nic Fit

  1. Cabal Therapy is particularly good if you have Surgical Extraction with it – for example, Miracles:

    Therapy – they respond with Brainstorm. Let it resolve, then Surgical Extraction something in their discard.
    – They have to shuffle away the cards they put on top to hide from Therapy.
    – You take all their Brainstorms, or something better like Force if that’s an option.
    – Surgical lets you see their hand so you have a guaranteed Therapy hit.

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