Episode 70 – Battle for Zendikar Set Review

Hello again! Another set comes rumbling around, and we try to determine which cards could be legacy playable. Only this time, we use the science! We also take a look at our last set review to see how accurate we were, and if any cards slipped us by…

Your Hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

link to podcast file:

6 thoughts on “Episode 70 – Battle for Zendikar Set Review

  1. Surgeon General warning
    When listening do not take a drink every time Stu says” no” to the legacy application of cards from this set.

  2. Have been playing new Jace in “esper wizards”, casting Jace/Snapcaster/Bob/Clique/Meddling Mage off Cavern of Souls. It’s hilarious. Have had two kills with the Jace emblem so far – once against lands, once against esper stoneblade.

    Would definitely like to try Ob Nixilis in Nicfit, definitely think it’s better than Vraksa (I’ve played Vraska a few times, generally found her to just be a five mana Maelstrom Pulse; never had a successful assassination). Also I think you have me convinced about Nissa.

    Vampiric Rites seemed like a really cool card to me, but it needs to cost 2 to play and 1 to activate rather than the other way around. Still, perhaps one day I shall sac a Veteran Explorer to it and my day will be made.

    Wasteland Strangler – you missed the synergy with Deathrite Shaman. I exile your land to produce black, use the black to cast Strangler, and immediately put the land back into your graveyard to exile again next turn. I don’t know if that makes it good, or even playable, but l guess we can describe that as “a legal sequence of plays.”

    • Baaaah. Esper wizards sounds pretty brutal XD. I remember playing against mono blue wizards (feat. patron wizard :0) a while back. Its not possible to beat with storm…. :). I think if the plan is to sac explorers to things, then I guess something like diabolic intent would be better than vampiric rite. And even thats pretty janky :'(. And yeah, interactions with DRS could be pretty interesting. Im trying to work out the flavour… Are people trying to escape the plane and Eldrazi keep sucking them back? Those crazy guys! XD.

  3. Great cast. I wonder if painful truth won’t see some play in dark maverick or junk for some much needed card draw. Probably not but it seems the best we can do from this set. How long until we get the reaction pod to the banned and restricted update?

    • Thank you thank you! And yes, I think that Stu P. likes that card very much. Maybe if you needed a 5th bob? But seems pretty extreme :). We’ll be recording another podcast tomorrow, and hopefully putting it out the weekend. Im sure that certain….. banning might get mentioned :D.

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