Episode 49 – Deck tech pt1. – RG Combo Lands

Time to stop talking about blue things! We have a run-down of the tournament(s) we were involved in over the weekend, have a catch up with listeners and talk about one of Stu T.’s most favourite decks ever – lands! Learn more about the history and philosophy behind this most unusual of archetypes.

RG Combo Lands by Stuart Taylor
4 Exploration
2 Mana Bimd
4 Mox Diamond
4 Punishing Fire
4 Gamble
4 Life from the Loam
3 Crop Rotation
4 Wasteland
4 Rishadan Port
4 Wooded Foothills
1 Forest
2 Taiga
4 Grove of the Burnwillows
2 Dark Depths
4 Thespian Stage
4 Maze of Ith
1 Karakasi
1 Glacial Chasm
1 Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
3 Tranquil Thicket

1 Chalice of the Void
4 Sphere of Resistance
2 Thorn of Amethyst
1 Primeval Titan
1 Crop Rotation
3 Krosan Grip
1 Bojuka Bog
2 Dark Depths

Your Hosts
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

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