Episode 48 – Banned Announcement and the New Meta

We return with some analysis of how we think that the post-banning meta will shake out, and what decks we shall be playing in the new era. And which is the best spellshaper :).

Your Hosts
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

Philipp Schonegger’s Miracles Article:

Caleb Durward’s Banned Series (Worldgorger Dragon):

The Banned Series – Worldgorger Dragon and Black Vise

SCG Premier IQ Washington DC Decklists:

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One thought on “Episode 48 – Banned Announcement and the New Meta

  1. I. Miracles
    At this point, you cannot ask Philipp Schönegger to do more. He’s proven again and again, his version performs better. His militant attitude regarding Miracles is just something we have to accept.

    It’s really not centered around Ponder, it’s centered around Snapcaster vs Clique. Once you have decided Snapcaster over Clique, you’ll want to play Ponder and drop the Karakas interaction. Your choice on rest of cards cascade from the original choice.

    II. Miracles vs Lands
    Stage 1: Deflecting tutor effect while looking for Counterbalance
    Do not allow the Land opponent to find Loam via Gamble or play Crop rotate. This should not happen at the early stage of the game. If they happen to just have Loam or Manabond in their opening, try to find your CB ASAP. This is urgent because Lands will try to apply lockdown via Ports and Wastes even if we are fetching Basic lands. You can try to Clique the Loam away after the draw at draw phase but before the main phase. If Land’s locking happens too soon because they have an explosive start, it’s not always easy to find the free UU to land your CB from your hand.

    Stage 2: Protect your White source
    From Land’s perspective, they’ll just try to tap your White sources out, then make 20/20 token at your EoT. Hence it’s important to leave a fetchland intact, but even that’s not certain because they can Stage-copy for more Ports. When you’re certain that you have locked out Crop rotate, Loam, and maybe Crucible in some builds, you can go for Angels or Jace. If you go for Angel route, you still need to pass the Tabernacle and Maze of Ith tests.

    Keep in mind, it’s almost 99% certain that Lands will SB-in Abrupt Decay for our Rest in Peace and CB. Don’t rely on them, have a backup plan even if you resolve one or the other enchantment.

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