Episode 26 – Deck Tech – Death and Taxes

After a brief hiatus, we are back. Hurrah! And we are here to take a look at one of the classic white weenie strategies still in play today. Is it aggro? Is it prison? How many tricks with an aether vial are there exactly? How can I win the sweet altered art brainstorm? Learn all this AND MORE!

Your hosts:
Stuart Pullin
Stuart Taylor

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3 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Deck Tech – Death and Taxes

  1. Just for your information, the original thread is on MTG salvation.
    Good podcast.

    ABout the questions you asked and some additional remarks about your comments:

    Cavern is there, because you need some protection from counterspells when you don’t have a vial in play.
    Thalia is very important for the deck, and you don’t want your 2/1 to be countered if possible, just as sometimes mystic into batterskull wins without doing anything else vs control decks, so you don’t want it to be countered.
    We only play one for the reasons you listed (You want at some point to be able to cast WW spells and there are a lot of different creature types).
    Cavern is mostly used on humans, or Kor (or artificer).

    Do not play less than 4 thalias, the card is just insane in so many match ups.
    Aven mindcensor is not played so much, because it a little bit too slow. Against elves of course it is great (and that is a bad match-up), but in most others it’s too slow and it’s another 1 touhgness creature that tends to die to the hate (and there ‘s a lot of hate these days due to TNN). Also, most of the time, on turn 3 or 4, you’re probably porting them with a thalia in play and you don’t have the mana to cast an aven mindcensor πŸ™‚

    Another interresting point: My opinion is that D&T is most of the time a control deck. It’s not about what your doing, but more about what your opponent can’t do because of your cards.
    That’s why Thalia is so important. In some games, turn 1 vial or mom, turn two thalia + a port is just backbreaking.

  2. Hey man! Thanks for the feedback. Its a shame you weren’t around to be a guest speaker for the podcast XD. Both me and Stu (you know, the other one :D) have only really dabbled in Death and Taxes, but felt it was important to explore some of the viable none-blue decks that were around, and I still think that DnT is a great place to start these days. Thinking mans aggro :).

    Yeah, I think you are right about cavern, maybe its better to think of it as the 5th vial that also produces mana…

    I still love mindsensors too much not to play them, although I will admit that I get most of my impression from them from when I played maverick a lot. And because maverick doesnt really play ports, maybe its stronger there :). I guess my thinking is that if you can stone rain them on turn 3 with a mindsensor, then the game feels like its over (esp if you have the Thalia in play too), and has fringe benifits in other situations (against enemy stoneforges/natural order/storm combo etc). One thing we didnt mention though is that I think the Thalia first strike is really relevant too. Its a great body for a 2/1!

    Stu T

    • Ahah… the right guest would have been Finn, the creator of the deck. He could have enlightened you on the name origin and lots of other things πŸ™‚ I’m merely just stating what other great players of the deck have already said on the thread on MTG salvation!
      Mindcensor is part of the flexible slots and there have been lots of debates over this creature. My opinion is that turn 3, it’s too late anyway. your opponent has already fetched is mana. If you started the denial plan, you don’t have mana to cast him anyway πŸ™‚

      Anyway, the deck is great and should be tried by more people.
      And the podcast was fun and should be listened by more people :).

      HAve fun guys.

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